Company electronic yard, the aviation industry wind thunder project
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June 30, electronic bidding fenglei aviation industry as a whole to move into the anshun aviation industrial park (phase I) of the construction project bid Ⅰ EPC general contracting projects, with the contractors to attend the opening ceremony, deputy chief engineer JingMing, electronic engineering department jay li, deputy dean Ma Lining was invited to attend. Qi jianfei, the party secretary of fenglei company, li zhijian, President of the electronic engineering institute, respectively represent the construction unit the general contracting unit.

The overall relocation project of the aviation industry is about 129,000 square meters the total construction area is about 60 thoussquare meters. Electronic institute carries on the first phase of project bid Ⅰ EPC general contracting project construction area of about 3.7 square meters, investment of about 230 million yuan. The project is in military electronic court another important result of the market, in order to satisfy the demands of future military production tasks for the traction, in order to improve the core competence as the guide, for fenglei companies to "civil-military integration, army in the people, strongly synergy, independent innovation" new system transformation provides a strong guarantee.