The building yard has been continuously awarded the assistance of Malawi the mauritanian project
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Recently, the construction yard has been marking the expansion of the Malawi community technical college the government office building in Mauritania. Two project by the ministry of commerce international economic cooperation bureau management, all design engineering management, on June 30 July 7 successfully won the bid, to further expinternational business market foundation has the milestone significance. The completion of the project will be another symbol of the friendly relations between our country African brotherly countries.



Signing Malawi community institute of technology projects designed by five unification of community technical college, the five college located in Malawi, five parts of the country each college is consists of district, district, logistics district. The design should consider the characteristics of tropical grasslclimate rainfall in the location of the project, focusing on the protection of the buildings, natural ventilation the drainage of the site; Modelling concise clear, color decoration echo local architectural style, active use of local building components materials, appropriately into Chinese architectural style, architectural style of form, image character.





Signing the mauritanian government office building expansion projects design, fully consider the local climate characteristics of hot, dry, dust, in guarantee construction of natural ventilation lighting at the same time, we consider the shade of the indoor outdoor space, sblock, shelter other requirements. Architectural modeling natural reflect the logical structure, echo of old building form, construction as a whole in the planning layout, function, streamline, climate building strategies as a whole, build an adapt to local climate characteristics, respect the local ethnic customs, with good political image, in line with the green environmental protection idea, China built architecture temperament character of architecture.