The green water castle of qilian mountain -- the ecological protection restoration project of the project EPC of the tianshui lintian lake in the middle of qilian mountain district of the municipal court
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The golden autumn is fragrant, the municipal market news is spread! On October 10, distance from the north sea state of qinghai province qilian mountain ShanShuiLinTian lake ecological protection restoration project EPC project bidding announcement, the company into municipal court form a consortium in strong stout in the fierce market fight, with the advantage of total score first successfully won the bid, with good market reputation strong technical strength once again won the favour of customers. The successful bid of this project has opened up a new channel company in the field of ecological restoration, the municipal environment field of soil in xinjiang, have created a new situation in big city, in the town "much starker choices-graver consequences-in" achieved great development for the company laid a good foundation.

Qilian mountain is an important ecological barrier water source control strategy area in China. Qilian mountain ShanShuiLinTian protection restoration of lake ecosystem haibei alp I project covers 40% of the total area of nature reserves, covering the construction of ecological security pattern, improving the capacity of water conservation, improve the biological diversity species richness, strengthening the supervisory ability of the ecological environment natural resources 4 major categories, 11 key projects involving the distance from the north sea states, 49 project, the project total investment 1.64 billion yuan. Qilian mountain ShanShuiLinTian protection restoration of lake ecosystem in the project area, the distance from the north sea, to the distance from the north sea region ecological restoration, to accelerate the qilian mountain ecological protection construction, promote the qilian mountain glaciers water conservation function, to safeguard northwest inlareas national ecological security has important far-reaching significance.